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xf-2.x  Standard Library by Xon


xf-2.x  Standard Library by Xon

  • 235
  • 1
A number of helper utilities designed to ease add-on development, does not have any direct user-facing changes. Uploaded to the resource manager...
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xf-2.x  Font Awesome Manager

  • 329
  • 0
XenForo uses the icoon font Font Awesome Pro 5 which contains a few thousand icons of which XenForo does usually only use a few hundred. But as...
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xf-2.x  [OzzModz] Admin Control Panel Improvements

  • 335
  • 0
Some improvements and tweaks for admin control panel Ajax-search field for: Banned users Banned emails Banned IP addresses Discouraged IP...
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Disable emojis in smilie menu on Android and iOS

  • 173
  • 0
This Add-on disables the display of emojis in smilie menu on Android and iOS. Showing emojis in smilie menu is useful on devices that usually do...
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