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Support system version: 1.6+​
Support phone resolution: 240×320 240×400 240×480 320×400 320×480 360×480 360×640 480×640 480×720 480×800 480×854 540×960 600×800 600×1024 640×960 720×1280 752×1280 768×1024 800×1024 800×1280​
Games description: Hi! My name is Big Baby Z.
Before all this happened… I lived happily and had nothing to care about.
My friend Chicken and I had a great time together…
We played video games, walked around in the woods and fields all day long…
Until this disaster occurred…
A huge wave of zombies rushed into the city and all of the citizens were infected…it was awful…
Unfortunately I caught this “zombie virus” too.
Only a fancy dress was left of a good old rabbit which I have to wear to hide my ugliness!
Thank goodness the virus did not destroy my brain.
Nothing has left of the city and we forced to hide ourselves in the tiny house near the woods. But mop-ups managed to find us here.
The military broke into the house and took the brain from my head.
But they left me a chance to get it back.
I had to win a golf championship. Please help me to win …
You are my last hope.
Will you help me, a poor but cute and funny zombie in the rabbit fancy dress, to win a golf championship and get back my brains at last?
So these are the rules of this competition. First of all, the championship consists of 6 rounds all of which include 5 tasks. If we fulfill all of them, I will be able to get back one of the essential parts of my body. Only if we could win all championships that will appear in the following parts of Zombie Sport, I will be able to turn back into what I was before, an old kind Big Baby Z.
By the way, we can improve our chances to win this competition with the help of different unimaginable clubs that will hit the balls much farther, variety of balls each of which has its own advantages to fly as farther as possible passing by different obstacles of various locations. And check out my cool costumes! I’ve so much time choosing what to wear. Do you like it?
So in the new Zombie Sport we enjoy:
- fantastic graphics;
- fascinating music;
- 5 unimaginable types of clubs;
- 5 different types of so called “balls for golf” each of which has its own advantages;
- 5 different scenes with various obstacles;
- and 5 superior costumes.
Zombie Sports v1.0.0

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