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Tiny OS: XP and Windows 7 Lite – Hệ điều hành Window cho máy cấu hình yếu

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Tiny OS includes two Windows OS hacks created by eXperience designed to minimize your OS’s processing space a version of Windows XP and Windows 7. They are designed to run faster by removing unnecessary features that take up your processing power and RAM. They are still full functioning versions so you can still install programs access the internet play music and movies burn CDs and anything else you’d normally do just much much faster. This is a nice option for people who can’t afford hardware upgrades or are just looking for a little more speed.
Included are a few more install files for other programs free tools that most people would find useful for all kinds of projects.
[INFO]Tiny OS: XP and Windows 7 Lite (Tools include)
Windows OS | Year: 2011 | XP + Win 7 Lite + TooL | Language: ENG | 1.48Gb
Tools include:
1. VLC Media Player – A simple and light media player for videos and music also supports more media streaming options and has built in tools for file conversions
2. Real Alternative Lite – An interesting program that allows .rm or other Real Media files to be played in any media player you want without all the ads and the buffering Real Player has. Quite useful
3. Avast! Free Antivirus – A nice free antivirus that does a great job. Has real-time scanners for everything from emails to P2Ps
4. uTorrent – all of you should know what this is this just helps you get back up and running faster
5. 7zip – This is a good upzipper/unrarrer/unarchiver. Also makes it pretty simple to create archives too
6. Firefox – A good web browser works much faster than IE. I also recommend Google Chrome which does the same thing but is a simpler interface
7. Daemon Tools Lite – A program for virtual mounting of ISO files or other CD image types. Free license lets you have 4 virtual drives running at once. Good for gamers or software downloads
8. ImgBurn – An ISO image burner or maker. Once again simple to use but has lots of options for the advances user
9. A host of system cleaning and restoring tools from piriform.com
a. CCleaner – A registry and extra file cleaner removes unnecessary files from your computer so they don’t take up room
b. Defraggler – A defragmenter with tons of options to speed up your file opening times
c. Speccy – Designed to show you exactly ever piece of hardware and system software on your computer. Useful if you need to look up drivers or something about a specific part of your machine
d. Recuvera – A file recovery system. Even works great on reformatted drives (trust me I know!)

All of these are some nice options to add to your new machine to keep it running well and very fast but merely options. The OSs do a lot of it on their own. Please enjoy and be sure to seed and leave some comments to let us know how it works for you!

NOTE: These are ISO files you will need to burn them directly to a disk to get them installed on the machine.

They are really eXperience-made XP is v9 7 is v1. The other apps are freeware programs that I use constantly from all over on the net all the latest releases (I’d have to do some digging for the versions but I can…). They aren’t cracks or anything just the install files from their direct download sites to make things simpler so people don’t have to get them all themselves.



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