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Rank Math Pro

Nulled Codecaynon Rank Math Pro 2.16.0

Added: Graph in the Rank Tracker above the Keywords table
Added: Loading effect to the Analytics tables when data is being loaded
Added: You can now group the 404 logs in Advanced Mode by clicking on the Hit button
Fixed: The %filename% variable was not working well when it was added in the Caption field
Fixed: PHP error in the update routine file
Fixed: WooCommerce GTIN field alignment issue on screen 1440
Fixed: Trends tool was not showing any data when # was used in the keyword field
Fixed: Caption Format and Description format fields were always showing
  • Added: [HUGE!] Google Core Updates timeline in the Analytics Graphs
  • Added: Support for more advanced nested Schema in the Advanced Schema Generator
  • Improved: [HUGE!] Improved performance of the plugin even further
  • Fixed: Custom mode option in the Setup Wizard was showing an error on sites where FS_METHOD was FTP
  • Fixed: Some properties were getting duplicated when Importing the Schema from the HTML code
Added: There’s a new tool to scan all the old posts for YouTube & Vimeo videos for adding automated Video Schema to those posts
Added: Include the images added by the ACF Image/Gallery field in the Sitemap
Added: Persian (Iran) language support
Updated: List of Local Business types supported by Schema.org
Updated: German translation
Fixed: A PHP fatal error on activating the PRO version on some websites where the free version was not already active
Fixed: %imagetitle% variable was not working in the Image SEO module
Fixed: A conflict with other plugins causing the slow backend when the PRO version’s update is available. From the next update, you should not face this issue
Fixed: A bug where the Cancel CSV import button was not working in the Redirections importer
Fixed: Global Identifier (GTIN, MPN, etc.) were not saving in the WooCommerce Variable products
Fixed: WooCommerce product images were not loading on the product pages on some installations when the ‘Show Global Identifier’ option was enabled
Fixed: Removed invalid properties like isPartOf, inLanguage & publisher from the Locations Schema](https://rankmath.com/kb/rich-snippets/)
Fixed: Schema Validation was not showing the latitude & longitude value from MediaOrganization Business type
Fixed: Once the image URL value was saved in the Local Business Schema](https://rankmath.com/kb/local-seo/) type, replacing that URL was not working
Fixed: An SQL error happening on some sites and/or the table creation process was failing silently
Fixed: News Sitemap was showing the post’s modified date instead of the post’s published date
Improved: Made plugin compatible with the PHP 8.0
Improved: Plugin’s plan handling that was causing a conflict with the Analytics module as well
Improved: Update-check mechanism to help show the updates properly on every server
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