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Groovy Mega Menu

Codecaynon Nulled Groovy Mega Menu 2.5.12

- Added the ability to display the "X" icon for closing the menu for the mobile version, without using the "Animated Hamburger menu" setting.
- New feature for displaying the close icon "X" of the menu for the desktop version of Minimalistic style.
- New setting for vertical positioning of menu items in the desktop Minimalistic style "Menu list alignment".
- New setting for mobile positioning of menu items in the horizontal plane "Menu items horizontal Align".
- Now in the desktop the Minimalistic style submenu matches the width of the setting in "General > Submenu > Submenu width".
- An additional option for "Mobile navigation drawer width" is "Dynamic minimum size"
- Added "Enable mobile menu scrollbar" setting. Is enabled by default.
- New option for mobile menu type "Slider mobile submenu opening style" - "Mobile submenu title height".
- New option for mobile menu type "Slider mobile submenu opening style" - "Mobile submenu title background color".
- Improved animation for the "slider" type mobile menu. Second Revision. Reducing the number of calculations during the animation, which will speed up the display on slow smartphones.
- Alignment open/close icon for Animated Hamburger.
- Fixed a bug where not all menu items could be shown at "Slider mobile submenu opening style"
- Added style which prevents mobile menu folding at scrolling the main content.
- Added styles to prevent showing the mobile menu at page is loading.
- Compatibility with Avada theme through automatic integration
- Compatibility for menu blocks with Fusion Builder (Avada theme)
- Increased priority of the handler of admin nav_menu in WP Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus. This eliminates conflicts with some plugins.
- Added the possibility to hide Groovy menu layout from not public post types. Managed in Global setting -> Tools -> Enable displaying the Groovy menu layout into Menu blocks post type.
- Added the possibility to set different logo URLs for WPML.
- Design of integration section.
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