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Themeforest Nulled Enfold 4.8.3

feature: added scroll arrows to ALB Tab Section header when tab buttons are out of viewport
feature: theme option Layout Builder -> Custom Color Palette allows to add up to 22 custom colors
feature: ALB Social Share Buttons extended (renamed to Social Buttons)
- 6 New stylings added
- Selectbox to "Share" or "Link to Profile"
- A "Link to Profile" can be set to override theme default setting
- Profile only buttons added to selection list (display as profile link when share selected)
feature: Theme Options -> Blog Layout -> Share links at the bottom of your blog post new option to support same stylings as ALB Social Buttons)
feature: responsive lightbox images for featured image (responsive lightbox images still in beta but should be supported now everywhere)

fixed: typo in loop-about-author.php
fixed: PHP < 8.0 bug in case statement for responsive image in lightbox
fixed: translation string inconsistent single/multiple in framework\php\class-tgm-plugin-activation.php
fixed: Leaflet marker popup not working on safari
fixed: undefined value notice $output in function avia_wc_print_single_product_notices
fixed: responsive images for logo not working
fixed: scroll to next section fails when section is hidden (e.g. device depending)
fixed: js bug when conditional sticky sidebar in fixed frame
fixed: exclude Custom Elements Post Type from WP Search Query
fixed: icon grid flipbox links not working on mobile

accessibility: replace the order of search button that search field gets focus first

added: ALB contact form new option "Autorespond Text After Form Labels"

added: filter 'avf_slide_navigation_arrows_html' - modify styling of navigation arrows
added: filter 'avf_slide_navigation_dots_html' - modify styling of navigation dots
added: filter 'avf_social_share_buttons_order' - allows to rearrange the social buttons (https://github.com/KriesiMedia/enfo...al Buttons/avf_social_share_buttons_order.php)
added: filter 'avf_masonry_entry_title' - allows to use shortcodes in title for ALB masonry element
added: filter 'avf_masonry_entry_content' - allows to use shortcodes in excerpt/content for ALB masonry element
added: filter 'avf_masonry_query_no_entries_fallback' - allows to return empty masonry content instead of all other terms

Moved class-tgm-plugin-activation.php to enfold\framework\php\legacy\class-tgm-plugin-activation.php (unused class)

updated: German language files (all 3) wrong translation on theme options page
updated: Italian language files it_IT (version, provided by BigBatT - [email protected])
updated: Dutch language files nl_NL (version, provided by EZWebdesign - Roger Hoen )
updated: sync all language files
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