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dFlip PDF FlipBook WordPress Plugin

Yoast Nulled dFlip PDF FlipBook WordPress Plugin 1.5.6

dFlip Flipbook Wordpress plugin provides amazing 3D flipbook experience to readers. It’s easy to create PDF flipbook using just the PDF link without any hassle. It’s responsive and optimized for Wordpress post page environment, which makes it friendly to create WordPress flipbook. Apart from PDF, images also can be used to create image flipbook. If you are looking for jQuery Flipbook Plugin version you can get it here.

flipbook installation

dflip 3d flipbook 3d flipbook

Best Rated Flipbook WordPress Plugin:
Since launch, many customers are happy with our flipbook and have been using dFlip Wordpress flipbook plugin in their Wordpress sites. Please go through the reviews to know more about the possibilities and experience other customers have.

Easy Image & PDF Flipbook plugin for Wordpress
With dFlip it’s easy to create a WordPress Flipbook with using images or PDF. Just add the link to the PDF file and your PDF Flipbook is ready to use. You don’t need traditional PDF to Image conversions anymore. If you have images to use instead, you can also use them instead.

Responsive Flipbook WordPress Plugin
dFlip is also a responsive Flipbook plugin that works in wide range of devices from big screen desktop to compact phones. It adjusts to the screen size available and changes the layout to single page, if mobile phones or smaller devices are detected.

Get PDF support inbuilt and have easy PDF integration without any extra extension.

PDFs are easy to handle and have many advantages. you can get most of the PDF capabilities directly with dFlip Flipbook WordPress Plugin. PDF bookmarks are loaded automatically during WordPress Flipbook creation without any extra step. The annotation or links in the PDF Flipbook also work right-away.


Realistic 3D Flipbook
Based on realistic 3D mockup library and powerful 2D CSS3 transformation you get the best possible flip-books in a single plugin. The plugin uses modern WebGL technology to power the WordPress flipbook. Along with WebGL , THREE.js is used to create a better experience while using the 3D flipbook in website.
Smart CSS Flipbook fallback
You can start with 3D and the plugin will take care of fallback, in case, some browsers don’t support 3D and use 2D Flipbook. 2D flipbook is fully powered CSS flipbook that has all the features except for the 3D experience. The CSS flip effects are next best to 3D flipbook and work without WebGL. You get all the PDF links and outlines without any limitations. CSS flipbook is recommended if your WordPress Flipbook has fine text or too many text, since it’s better suited for sharper text.
Easy to use Options and configuration
dFlip Flipbook WordPress Plugin provides many features that are easy to use, detailed and categorized. You can configure most settings for auto/global use and then they will be used in all flipbooks, unless you want the settings to be different in individual WordPress flipbook post.



    • Documentation for dFlip
    • Source code of dFlip wordpress Plugin and it’s supporting files..
The Image files and PDFs used in preview demo are not included in the download.
Additions Used(included):
Mockup Studio Libs The following commercially free libraries were used to create the plugin. THREE.JS Themify Icons jQuery

Meat Atlas Free Real 3D Flipbook Wordpress Demo Only
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