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xf-2.x [cv6] Custom Field Extension 1.0.0RC2

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Xenforo Tương Thích
  1. 2.2

With this brand new AddOn you can add new types of custom fields:
  • Image
    The User can upload one or multiple images (XenForo Attachment System is used for this)
  • Combo Box
    The Combo Box combines a Text box and a Simple Drop Down Box. You can change settings for both elements as usual and define the order of both.
New Options:
  • The number files now has a step value
  • You can specify a placeholder
All other: See images!
Supports also Resource Manager.
You can add very simple with this add on a tab with screenshots.

Even if this Version has the RC label, please not use this in production and create a bckup first!

This addon changes some core templates on a heavy base. I tried to do this very carefully, but it can interfere with other addons that modified attachment behavior. If you encoutner issues with other addons, please let me know and I will take a look.

It works in default Style. Please drop me a conversation if it not works in your modified style.





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